At msbb, we cultivate our own extra virgin olive oil, produced directly through mechanical processes that have once again earned the top AOVE category this year.

We obtain the oil from our arbequina trees, which are the quintessential olive trees of the Ebro Valley and one of the most well-known among Spanish varieties. Their olives are very small and of excellent flavor. With an intense taste, low acidity, and fruity aroma, our oil has almond tones and a sweet taste.

EOVO has significant health benefits and is one of the healthiest oils you can choose. Among its advantages are reducing blood pressure and inflammation in the body, contributing to chronic diseases such as diabetes or Alzheimer's. Additionally, consuming two tablespoons of EOVO a day can lead to improvements in blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Our 2023 EOVO harvest, with protected designation of origin from Mallorca, is now available for sale at the museum store, and you can enjoy it in any of the dishes at our café 'La Paloma'. We look forward to seeing you!

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