Iris albicans has been cultivated since ancient times and may be the oldest iris in cultivation. Collected by Lange in 1860, it has been cultivated since at least 1400 BC. Originally from Yemen and Saudi Arabia, it appears in a wall painting in the Botanical Garden of Thutmose III in the Temple of Amun at Karnak in ancient Thebes, dated to around 1426 BC. c.

When we moved to msbb in 1980, Yannick Vu found a clip of 10 white lily plants that were the legacy of the Commander of the military base that msbb had occupied for decades.

Yannick Vu began to divide and multiply them and over time, now 43 years, these ten plants have grown to a point that can hardly be quantified. Thousands? They not only multiplied beautifully but truly, as they never lost their color, pure white. Every April is pure joy, after the daffodils that celebrate the end of winter, they candidly invite us to spring. Let's celebrate spring at msbb with the enclosure of white irises. At the beginning of April they are in their maximum bloom.


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