You can now enjoy three new pieces from Cameroon at msbb:

2 Two metres high Bamileke figures, made of shells, strings, glass beads, fabric, wood and mud. These figures have been created by the Bamileke people for the personal use of their “Fo”, the leader of each village, and represent wealth and power. 

The hippopotamus mask looking like a chair is the most important of the Bamileke chiefdoms and is quite exceptional. This mask is named "Batcham" because the first mask of this type was found in the chiefdom of Batcham, which means "hospitable", since one took refuge there during war.
Belonging to the msop society which intervened during the coronation of the fo (king), this tsesah or tsemabu mask represents one half of an animal (hippopotamus), with the other half of a human head.

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